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At Olde Liberty Sheds We Build Our Sheds Using
   Top Quality Materials For Your Storage Needs

                         LET US BUILD YOU ONE



My name is Chris Ashman. I am the owner and Shed Builder of Olde Liberty Sheds. I live in the town of Olde Liberty which is now called Bedford, Va. I am a husband to my beautiful wife, Nicole, and a father to our four wonderful children. I served in the US Army for 8 years. I worked in the Wireless Telecommunications field for 15 years as a Technician and as a Construction Manager and have been in the Residential Construction field now for 10 years. In which time, I have owned and operated a Licensed Home Improvement Company.

I decided to start building sheds because of my love for carpentry and the need for quality craftsman built sheds in the marketplace at good prices. I build my sheds using the same standards of framing and quaity that I use in building houses, additions, decks etc. The sheds we build will last as long as your house, will compliment your house, look great in your yard, will solve your storage or hobby needs and will not be a maintenance nightmare for you like some other sheds can be. 

So, if you are looking for storage, a cabin, a workshop, entertainment, a she-shed, back yard office, gym, dog kennel, chicken coop or something else than our sheds are the solution you are looking for. Our mission is simple: build high quality craftsman built sheds with no hidden fees or hassles. Let us build one for you. Give us a call and let's build a shed together!

Chris Ashman

Virginia Licensed & Insured Contractor


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